About the Project

In December 2014, we launched the Emma in America campaign. The campaign’s goal was to raise money for an open-access digital copy of Jane Austen’s 1816 Philadelphia edition of Emma housed within an interactive, educational website. By digitizing the book in its entirety and providing historical context, Austen scholars, fans, and first-timers would all be able to better understand the book and its history.

Due to Jane Austen’s broad appeal, we felt that giving Austen fans “ownership” of the digitized book was important. The campaign utilized crowdfunding as a way to have as many people as possible participate. The huge appeal that Jane Austen has is not just a scholarly one and the goal was to have readers and fans of all levels be able to take part in Emma in America.

Conditions of Use

You do not need to request our permission to link to the Emma In America website or to individual items within the site as long as it is for educational use. If you are using any parts of the Emma in America website for commercial purposes please contact the Goucher College Library Special Collections and Archives at archives@goucher.edu or (410) 504-6075.

To identify the Emma in America website as the source of information that you are using, please include the URL and the date you accessed it, along with the other relevant documentation. For example:

Project Team

The Emma in America campaign was made possible through the work of the following individuals:

  • Randi Kennedy, Assistant to the College Librarian
  • Nancy Magnuson, College Librarian
  • Tara J. Olivero, Curator of Special Collections and Archives
  • Melissa Straw, Director of Conservation and Preservation
  • Kristen Welzenbach, Digital Systems and Services Librarian
  • Juliette Wells, Elizabeth Conolly Todd Distinguished Associate Professor of English

Thank You!

The Goucher College Library would like to extend a huge thank you to the following organizations for their contributions to the Emma in America campaign:

  • Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts, digitization
  • Goucher College Communications Office, marketing
  • Goucher College Office of Advancement Services, processing donations
  • Goucher College Comptroller’s Office, finances
  • Xibitz, Inc.

Technical Summary

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